Alan Murin Lights Up the Dance Floor with "Animal Style"


Slovakian singer-songwriter Alan Murin is bringing an international flavour to the music scene with his latest single, "Animal Style". It's a vibrant fusion of Reggaeton and Dance Pop. After a successful 2021 debut, Murin is still making waves globally, this time teaming up with Romania's Hahaha Production for this track. The music video, filmed in Los Angeles and directed by Anze Skrube, a former choreographer for Chris Brown, celebrates the unique 'animal styles' of dancers worldwide.

Alan Murin's music career has been going strong since 2020, when he released his first two singles, "MYNITY" and "DOMAMÁM." These tracks were a ray of sunshine during a challenging year. He kept up the momentum with multiple collaborations and singles throughout 2021, including tracks like "BOKY" and "BABY BLUE" with Tina. At the moment, Murin is thinking about putting out an album, while he keeps on adding to his collection of singles and collaborations.

"Animal Style" is more than just a song; it's an anthem dedicated to the expressive power of dance, encouraging listeners to embrace their inner wildness on the dance floor.

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