Braaten x Raphael DeLove Unveil Chill House Spin on "Radioactive"


As a treat for fans of both chill house and dance pop, Braaten, one of Norway's top DJs, joins forces with the talented Raphael DeLove to give Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" a new lease of life. With over 750,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Braaten's chill house cover of this iconic track is a great example of how to blend deep, pulsating rhythms and serene melodies.

Braaten has been a big name in the music scene since 2006, and he's also one half of the successful duo "Braaten & Chrit Leaf." He's consistently captivated audiences worldwide. His ability to cross genres effortlessly is clear in his latest offering. The track features a mix of gentle synths, acoustic guitars and powerful vocals that pay homage to the original while marking it with a distinct, relaxed vibe that's perfect for any summer playlist.

Raphael DeLove joins Braaten on this project, adding his own unique touch. As a seasoned producer and songwriter, DeLove's contribution really enhances the track's layered textures and enriches its sonic depth. It makes "Radioactive" not just a cover, but a new standard in collaborative music innovation.

This new release shows how dance music is changing. Artists like Braaten and DeLove are pushing the boundaries of creativity and genre blending. This track is a great addition to playlists for anyone who likes to hear classic hits in a new way.

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