DJ Tease Brings Old-School Vibes Back with "Get High"


DJ Tease, a revered name in the German Drum & Bass scene, is taking us on a nostalgic journey with his latest track, "Get High." Known for his pivotal role in shaping the local Drum & Bass community since the early '90s, DJ Tease originally carved his niche within the rhythms of house music. This new release marks a return to his foundational influences, blending the vibrant energy of Tech House, House (Old-School), and Deep House.

"Get High" isn't just a track; it's a homage to the very beats that sparked DJ Tease's illustrious career. Before the tempo escalated to the rapid beats of Drum & Bass, there was the rhythmic pulse of house music—smooth, deep, and utterly danceable. DJ Tease masterfully melds these elements, offering a piece that is both reflective and forward-moving, a true testament to his versatile artistry.

The track’s groovy bassline and rhythmic interplay give it an infectious quality, likely to resonate with fans of both his Drum & Bass and House music eras. It’s a clear demonstration of how his early influences remain integral to his musical identity today.

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