DT James x KIMBO - "Bulletproof"


DT James and KIMBO have really made their mark as pioneers of this artistry. Their latest track, "Bulletproof," is a great example of their unique sound, which combines folk-inspired themes with the relaxed rhythms of chill and deep house music.

"Bulletproof" is the 20th collaboration between these two talented artists. Each project has shown how well they work together, making their duo one to watch in the deep house scene. In this latest piece, they explore road trip-inspired musings, creating an auditory experience that is as immersive as it is melodious. The track is distinctive for its folk influences, which are a rare but welcome addition to the deep house genre. It's also layered with captivating indie vibes.

You can really hear their talent for creating memorable melodies in "Bulletproof". The track is designed to stay in your mind long after the last note fades, which is a sign of great musical skill. As the deep house genre keeps changing, DT James and KIMBO aren’t just following the trends; they’re setting them. They’re redefining boundaries with their innovative sound.

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