"Chopped" by Jordan House


Jordan House has brought the vibrant spirit of Chicago's dance floors to life with his latest Tech House track, "Chopped." This track is a great example of the old-school ethos, with a catchy piano riff and a deep, rolling bassline that'll get feet moving.

"Chopped" captures the essence of Tech House while paying homage to the genre's Chicago House roots. The piano is the track's heartbeat, evoking the classic house anthems of yesteryear. Meanwhile, the robust bassline injects a modern twist, making it irresistible to both long-time house aficionados and newcomers to the scene.

As tech house keeps on developing, tracks like "Chopped" show how the genre can adapt and still have an impact. This track is a must-have for playlists looking to capture both the classic appeal and the cutting-edge evolution of house music.

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