Wiwek Unleashes "Jungle Terror Vol. 5" with Emy Perez - A Decade of Musical Rebellion


To mark the 10th anniversary of his trailblazing "Jungle Terror" series, Wiwek, the Dutch bass house maestro, has released "Jungle Terror Vol. 5." This latest release is out now on the Barong Family label. It revisits the high-energy, percussive soundscapes that have become Wiwek's signature since his explosive entry into the scene.

The standout track, 'Cola', which was made with Emy Perez, sets the tone with its robust kick drums and catchy urban-style vocals. This track, along with "Scream" featuring Holly and "Crash The Party," perfectly captures the essence of freedom, ethnic exploration, and cultural identity that Wiwek has championed throughout his career. Each track is set to get people moving on dance floors worldwide, with a mix of electro house, future garage, and dubstep elements.

Wiwek's influence goes beyond music. He's a storyteller who has created soundtracks for international films and worked with big names like Skrillex. With his label, Maha Vana Records, he gives artists a chance to push creative boundaries without limits.

2024 is set to be another great year for Wiwek, with lots of new music and exciting projects on the horizon. "Jungle Terror Vol. 5" is not just a celebration of a decade of innovative sounds, but also a testament to Wiwek's enduring impact on the electronic music landscape.

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