Bongani Sessionist Brings the Funk with "Funk Inspired"


Check out Bongani Sessionist’s latest track, "Funk Inspired." It’s a funky tune that mixes infectious rhythms with soulful melodies, reimagining the funk genre for modern ears. Bongani is known for his versatility as a percussionist, DJ, and producer. He draws on his rich Soweto heritage in his music, creating a vibrant fusion that’s as authentic as it is innovative.

"Funk Inspired" is more than just a song; it's a groove-packed journey that kicks off with a catchy beat at 0.25 seconds, making it a great addition to any playlist that's looking for something fresh and dynamic. This track shows off Bongani’s talent for blending traditional funk grooves with cutting-edge production techniques, making old-school funk appeal to contemporary listeners.

From performing with global icons to his groundbreaking projects like "Just Me & Just Me II" and "I am from e'Nquthu," Bongani’s career is a mosaic of bold musical experiments and collaborations. His EasyLiveSessions initiative is another example of his dedication to nurturing new talent, which makes him a key figure in the music industry.

Connect with Bongani’s music. Listen to “Funk Inspired” and experience the magic that happens when past and present collide in harmony. This track is a great example of Bongani Sessionist’s endless creativity and his unwavering dedication to the craft of music.

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