New Release Alert: "Warmth" by DVBBS & Boaz van de Beatz Featuring Jono Dorr


As the temperature rises, we're all looking forward to summer anthems, and "Warmth," the latest track from DVBBS and Boaz van de Beatz featuring Jono Dorr, is set to be the soundtrack of the season. The track, released on Kanary Records, perfectly encapsulates the essence of dance pop and EDM, tailored perfectly for big room vibes and festival crowds.

DVBBS, the Canadian duo who've had a few big hits like "Tsunami" and "Not Going Home," have teamed up with Dutch producer Boaz van de Beatz, who's known for his innovative sound and production work with artists like Madonna and Pharrell Williams. Together with Jono Dorr's soulful vocals, they create an uplifting melody that's both catchy and memorable.

The track "Warmth" is more than just a song; it's an auditory experience designed to evoke memories of joy and connection. It doesn't matter if you're at a festival or just dancing in your living room, the combination of euphoric drops and emotive vocals makes it a must-have on your playlist. DVBBS puts it well when they say this song is "a piece of art" that's meant to bring unforgettable memories to your summer.

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