Manzzy - Wanted: A Fusion of Tribal and Deep House


Manzzy's latest track, "Wanted," is a great mix of Tribal and Afro House with some deep melodic undertones. The Winnipeg native, now based in Toronto, has crafted a piece that really stands out with its intricate chord progressions and evolving intensity, especially from the 1:40 mark. This track shows how Manzzy can combine his classical piano roots with his passion for house music to create a sound that's both groovy and energetic.

About Manzzy

Adam Manning, aka Manzzy, has been building his reputation as a producer and DJ steadily over time. His journey began with a lifelong dedication to piano, which then evolved into a love for music writing at 15. He started out making hip-hop for local artists in Winnipeg, but then discovered his true calling in house music. His unique sound is a testament to his diverse musical background, blending hip-hop influences with house beats to create a distinctive and vibrant style. His talent has already got him a spot at Winnipeg's major dance festival, Bring Your Love, which is a great sign for this rising artist.

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