JNR x Natalie Gray - Player One


Get ready to hit the dance floor with JNR and Natalie Gray's latest track, "Player One." This dynamic house anthem draws inspiration from 90s rave culture, blending it seamlessly with modern dance pop elements. Natalie Gray's vocals, previously showcased in a remix by Joel Corry, add a sassy and irresistible touch to this energetic tune.

The track originally came out as a soul/disco hit in the 70s by First Choice, but JNR has reimagined it to capture the attention of today's dance scene. With a solid bass house and electro house foundation, this track is sure to be a hit with the crowd.

JNR is a Scottish DJ and music producer based in Newcastle, UK. He specialises in dance music but also dabbles in a variety of genres. His passion for music and ability to reinvent classic hits for modern audiences make him a standout artist in the dance music scene.

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