"Stangen x SZABY - Fraction of Myself: A Chill House Gem That Shines Bright"


Stangen and SZABY, along with the talented Robbie Rosen, have once again created a musical masterpiece with their latest single, "Fraction of Myself." This track is a great example of chill house music at its best. It combines enchanting piano-driven melodies with the soothing allure of a pop ballad.

"Fraction of Myself" is more than just another dance pop track; it's a great example of how well the different elements work together. Stangen and SZABY have shown time and again that they can blend their sounds together seamlessly, and with Robbie Rosen’s vocals, they take the song to a whole new level. The track's upbeat instrumental provides the perfect backdrop for Rosen's captivating vocal delivery, making it an ideal summer vibe enhancer.

This song shows how the artists put their heart and soul into their music, and it encourages listeners to really get into the sounds they create. Whether you're into chill vibes or upbeat rhythms, "Fraction of Myself" is a versatile track that's sure to engage and enchant.

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