"TheClaw Delivers a Nighttime Groove with '3am in Ste-Foy'"


The Canadian house duo TheClaw has just released its latest single, "3am in Ste-Foy," which was signed under Ray Collect Records. This track is a great example of their signature style, combining classic house vibes with modern twists. It's sure to become a staple in deep house and nu-disco playlists.

"3am in Ste-Foy" captures the essence of Quebec's nightlife with a smooth, infectious beat and a blend of funk, blues, and soul that only TheClaw can deliver. The duo, who are former jazz bandmates, have been making waves since their debut in early 2024 with the EP "Freaks" on 404 Deep Records in Spain. Their music appeals to fans of classic house as well as those drawn to the emotional depth and rhythmic sophistication of jazz.

This track is particularly relevant right now, as there's a current resurgence of interest in nu-disco and deep house music. As the genre continues to gain momentum, TheClaw is in a great position to become key players in the scene with their unique fusion of sounds and exemplary musical backgrounds.

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