Wenzday Ignites the Dance Floor with "Fever Dream"


In her latest Tech House thriller, "Fever Dream," Wenzday keeps on pushing the boundaries of the electronic music scene. This track, released under the respected IN/ROTATION label, shows off the dynamism and unique sound that Taylor, aka Wenzday, is known for.

Wenzday was born in Las Vegas and grew up in the Bay Area, where she was exposed to a rich musical environment. She graduated from the ICON COLLECTIVE, which is pretty impressive. She went from being an open format DJ to a dedicated full-time producer, and now she's created a distinctive blend of house and bass music. Her innovative approach is well-reflected in "Fever Dream," where pulsating beats meet mesmerising rhythms, creating an unforgettable dance experience.

Wenzday has made a name for herself with notable releases on platforms like Confessions and Insomniac Records, as well as a co-founder role at the bass label 40oz Cult. She's not just a producer, but a pivotal figure in the music industry. Her contributions include a hit weekly show on Dash Radio, which shows just how influential and far-reaching she is in the electronic music scene.

"Fever Dream" is more than just a song; it's a testament to Wenzday's mastery and her ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level. As she keeps on playing at major festivals like Coachella and EDC Las Vegas, her tracks, including this latest banger, are essential for any electronic music fan's playlist.

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