BOZANDMONSTRR Unleashes 'VITAL': A Revolution in the Tech House Scene

Headfirst into the Tech House Universe with BOZANDMONSTRR's 'VITAL'

BOZANDMONSTRR, the dynamic French electronic duo, is shaking the techno music scene once again with their latest track, 'VITAL'. Known for their vibrant versatility under aliases like Amadehouse, Ground Velvet, LUK BAM, BAM, and M8TAL, this powerhouse pair continues to make waves, this time straight out of Miami.

'VITAL' is a follow-up to their much-loved track 'Seventeen', and promises to take the band in a thrilling new direction. The latest release is a sonic blend of powerful beats and catchy lyrics that guarantees maximum energy on any dance floor, and whisperings suggest that there's even more to come.

Born from the inspired minds of Julien and Luk, BOZANDMONSTRR has a rich history rooted in a love for vinyl records and an electrifying taste in music. Their journey began with organizing electro events, but it took a little while for their natural talent to shine. Julien graduated with honours from the Music Academy International as a drummer and sound designer, setting the stage for their venture into composing.

With over 100 original titles sold across all digital platforms, BOZANDMONSTRR is no stranger to the crowd's euphoria. Their high-energy performances have shared the stage with industry powerhouses such as Terry Francis, Stephan BODZIN, and Claptone.

'VITAL' represents the continuation of this legacy. The track is not just a listen, it's an experience. A tour-de-force of thundering beats and hypnotic lyrics that make it impossible not to move to the rhythm. This French duo has put a unique twist on the tech house genre, and their fans, new and old, couldn't be happier about it.

While 'VITAL' may signal a new direction, it's clear that BOZANDMONSTRR's commitment to producing high-energy, technical, and undeniably catchy techno music remains stronger than ever. I can't wait to see where this new path takes them - one thing's for sure, it's going to be one hell of a ride.

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