Raising a Toast to Hope and Dance: Solar State x Mikayla Unveil 'Cheers'

In the ever-bubbling cauldron of the EDM universe, two stars have spun into alignment, sending a sonic wave rippling through the cosmos. Solar State, the new creative endeavour by Amsterdam Beach's very own EDM wunderkind, Radboud Miedema, has teamed up with the inimitable Mikayla to deliver their latest magnum opus, "Cheers".

No stranger to penning chart-topping hits, Miedema's Solar State project has already chalked up a sizable number of releases in 2023, including a much-lauded collab with Klingande. Yet, "Cheers" is an audacious foray into a new emotional landscape. Mikayla's heartfelt lyrics, reflecting on past relationships and future possibilities, bask in a contagious optimism that's an instant mood-enhancer.

An established EDM producer, Miedema has a reputation for turning the Midas touch on everything he's involved in, his tracks racking up over 1.5 billion streams across the globe. Yet, under the moniker of Solar State, his artistry finds a new wavelength. As if holding a magnifying glass to the sun, he captures the raw, elemental force of EDM and focuses it into dazzling beats and harmonies that are as comforting as a summer's day.

Mikayla, the vocalist and songwriter for "Cheers", injects her life experiences into the mix. The result? An outpouring of infectious melodies that are as captivating as they are personal. Her voice, the perfect harmony between strength and vulnerability, creates an interesting narrative thread, pulling you into a heady whirl of emotion and dance-pop delight.

"Cheers" is the sonic embodiment of new beginnings, a celebration of the past as much as it is an embrace of what's to come. It's a song that stands as a testament to Miedema's unparalleled talent and Mikayla's lyrical prowess. But more than that, it's a song that invites us all to dance into the future with hope in our hearts and rhythm in our steps.

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