"I'll Be There" - Maritime Yacht Club's Latest Single Sails into Summer 2023!


 Ahoy, music lovers! Summer is sailing in with a vibrant new breeze, and the dynamic duo Maritime Yacht Club (Josh Butler & José Rosa) are all set to take you on a journey. Anchoring on 14th July with their latest single 'I'll Be There', they are docking at a harbour near you with rich and invigorating sounds.

This isn't just any release. 'I'll Be There' is the fourth splash from their forthcoming album, and it's filled with the same energetic essence that marked the previous singles like 'On My Own', 'Change', and 'Floating On A Star'. This particular piece embraces an invigorating vocal-led deep house cut, enigmatic with punchy grooves, vivid piano lines, and enchanting guitar riffs that only José can deliver.

A decade after the birth of 'Got A Feeling', which still resonates as one of Beatport's highest-selling records, the chemistry between Josh and José is more palpable than ever. Maritime Yacht Club was born during the isolation of 2020, and it's now blossomed into a project that marries the underground and commercial sounds, creating something sultry, unique, and utterly compelling.

While we look forward to a 12-track debut LP from these artists, 'I'll Be There' symbolizes the essence of what Maritime Yacht Club stands for. A fusion of deep house, jazz, electro, and sheer love for music. As José said, it's something they're proud of, and rightly so!

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