Unleashing the Summer Anthem: KREAM x Coco Star’s “I Need A Miracle” - Available Now!


KREAM x Coco Star Take the Dance World by Storm with “I Need A Miracle”

The summer airwaves have been blessed with a thunderous new track, and it's none other than Norwegian duo KREAM's collaboration with Coco Star on "I Need A Miracle." Released on July 28 on Musical Freedom, this track pays homage to Coco Star’s iconic track, injecting it with fresh energy and a distinctive electro flair.

KREAM’s expertise in blending hip-hop, R&B, and electronic dance music shines brightly in this rendition, marrying Coco Star's timeless vocals with sizzling beats. The dynamic drops create an unforgettable auditory sensation that dance music enthusiasts won't be able to resist.

Hot on the heels of their well-received release "Sweat," this new track continues to solidify KREAM's position as one of electronic music's standout acts. They are not only riding the wave of success but carving their unique path, evident from their impressive Spotify statistics and unforgettable live performances, including a residency with Tiësto at Ushuaia in Ibiza.

This track's inception dates back to their LIQUID: LAB sets, where KREAM's innovative fusion of classic dance records has become a staple. "I Need A Miracle" has been a festival favourite, and now the track is poised to conquer dance floors worldwide.

KREAM's drive, creativity, and ability to make classic dance records relevant again prove that they are not just another act; they are a musical force to be reckoned with. With “I Need A Miracle,” they've crafted yet another hit that resonates with old fans and new alike.

"I Need A Miracle" by KREAM & Coco Star is available now on Musical Freedom, and it’s exactly the miracle the music scene needed.


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