Benjamin Ingrosso - "Kite" (DOCTUM Remix)


Benjamin Ingrosso's pop sensibilities meet the pulsating rhythms of progressive house in the DOCTUM Remix of "Kite." This remix breathes new life into the original by incorporating elements of old-school house and trance, creating a sound that's both nostalgic and refreshingly modern. DOCTUM, known for his intricate layering and emotive progressions, transforms "Kite" into a track that transcends typical genre boundaries, making it a standout piece in the dance music scene.

Ingrosso’s knack for catchy melodies combined with DOCTUM’s deep understanding of dance floor dynamics makes this remix a potential club favorite. The seamless integration of progressive house with the rhythmic pulses of trance elements ensures that it appeals to a broad audience, from house enthusiasts to trance aficionados.

The track is a testament to the timeless nature of house music and its continual evolution. As Ingrosso continues to make waves in the international pop scene, collaborations like this one with DOCTUM highlight the versatile appeal of his music and its ability to adapt and thrive in various musical landscapes.

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