Benjamin Ingrosso - "Kite" (Majestic Remix)


Swedish sensation Benjamin Ingrosso's track "Kite" receives a vibrant remake from UK powerhouse Majestic, transforming the original into a floor-filling anthem that blends tech house with the nostalgic essence of old-school house. This remix not only enhances the track’s danceability but also brings a fresh UK garage twist, showcasing Majestic's skillful fusion of contemporary beats and classic vibes.

Benjamin Ingrosso, known for his melodious voice and catchy tunes, has consistently captivated audiences across Europe. The addition of Majestic’s touch introduces Ingrosso’s work to the UK’s dynamic electronic music scene, potentially opening doors to new collaborations and audience bases.

The track "Kite" in its remixed form by Majestic is a testament to the power of cross-genre versatility, making it a perfect addition to both club playlists and radio rotations. With its pulsating basslines and rhythmic beats, it serves as a bridge between the melodic pop elements of Ingrosso's style and the deeper, more resonant sounds of classic house music.

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