Erin Darley's Electrifying New Remix "Extra" (ALOU Remixes)


Emerging from the vibrant streets of Melbourne, 17-year-old singer-songwriter Erin Darley is capturing hearts with her latest release, "Extra" (ALOU Remixes). This dance-pop sensation not only showcases Erin's angelic vocals but is also energized by the dynamic touch of ALOU Productions. The remix provides a fresh, exhilarating twist to the original track, perfect for those late-night dance floors or uplifting morning routines.

Erin Darley, with her youthful exuberance and passion for storytelling through music, represents the next generation of pop music. Her songs are crafted to resonate on a personal level, whether they're bringing tears to your eyes or getting your feet moving. The upcoming music video for "Extra," set to premiere on YouTube and VEVO, promises to be a visual treat, complementing the vibrant energy of this remix.

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