Tuti Vibes Ushers in the Summer with "Holiday"


As the summer rays start to glow, Tuti Vibes brings the heat with his latest track, "Holiday," a perfect blend of Dance Pop and Afrobeat rhythms that promises to get everyone into the summer holiday spirit. "Holiday" isn't just a song; it's a seasonal anthem that calls for celebration and joy.

Tuti Vibes, known for his unique blend of African Hip-Hop, Dance Pop, and Afro-fusion, describes his music as a mix of reality and imagination. Each rhythm and lyric in "Holiday" captures the essence of what he calls the “International BadBoy Musical.” This track is sure to resonate with fans of artists like Burna Boy and Wizkid, who are known for their vibrant and pulsating sounds that can turn any day into a festive occasion.

In the current music landscape, African rhythms are continuing to influence the global pop music scene significantly. Tuti Vibes' "Holiday" exemplifies this trend, mixing catchy pop hooks with the irresistible beats of Afrobeats, making it a standout track as we approach the summer season.

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