George Smeddles Drops 'Hooky - LDN Dub Mix' in 'For The Music' EP Part Two


London's very own George Smeddles is back with the electrifying conclusion to his 'For The Music' EP, released on his South Records label on the 29th of March, 2024. The second part of this epic musical journey features three new tracks, including the standout 'Hooky (LDN Dub Mix)', 'Toot In The Booth', and 'Phone The Sax', all of which encapsulate Smeddles' unique approach to House music. This release is not just a collection of tracks but a declaration of Smeddles' evolution and depth as a producer.

Since 2018, George Smeddles has been a name to watch in the Tech House scene. With a sound that seamlessly blends elements of Garage, Motown, Jazz, Soul, and Funk, Smeddles has created his own niche within House music. Hits like 'Shake Your Body' and 'Start The Party' have solidified his place in the charts, while his work, including the establishment of South Records and collaborations with artists like Darius Syrossian, showcases his industry prowess.

The 'For The Music' EP is a testament to George's ability to craft dancefloor-ready tracks that are both innovative and timeless. With 'Hooky - LDN Dub Mix', listeners are treated to a groove-focused, resonant composition that promises to be a staple in sets across the globe. Smeddles' commitment to his craft is evident in his rigorous international touring schedule, including performances at venues like fabric in London, Amnesia in Ibiza, and festivals such as CRSSD and Glastonbury.

As George Smeddles prepares for his 2024 endeavors, including this exciting two-part release, his position as a leading figure in the House music scene is undeniable. With an ever-expanding repertoire and a calendar brimming with gigs, Smeddles continues to captivate and innovate, ensuring his music will resonate with audiences for years to come.

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