Tom Caruso x Lara George Release Dreamy Deep House Track "Someone To Love"


In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, Free House Music stands out with its latest release, "Someone To Love," a collaborative effort by label boss Tom Caruso and the UK's enchanting singer/songwriter Lara George. Set for release on 29th March 2024, this track promises to be a significant addition to the deep house scene, blending old-school house vibes with modern, expressive melodies.

"Someone To Love" is a vocal-led masterpiece that perfectly marries the commercial with the underground. Its dreamy grooves and Lara George's captivating voice create a unique club record that's both danceable and emotionally resonant. This track is a testament to Tom Caruso's mastery over electronic music, showcasing his ability to fuse genres seamlessly, from house to disco, with his signature emphasis on vocals.

Tom Caruso, a Belfast-based DJ and producer, has made significant strides in the electronic music scene with releases on prestigious labels and support from industry giants. His knack for discovering talent and his creative productions have solidified his status as a musical trailblazer. Lara George, known for her soulful voice and her appearance on The Voice UK, brings her passion for Motown and Soul to this project, adding depth and emotion to the track.

"Someone To Love" is not just a song; it's a narrative woven through melody and rhythm, promising to captivate listeners and leave them yearning for more. As we await its release, this track stands as a shining example of the innovative spirit driving the future of house music.

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