SGaWD - Unveiling "Tha GaWD - Side A"


Miami-based Nigerian rapper SGaWD is making waves with her latest release, "Tha GaWD - Side A." It's a compelling sophomore EP that melds rap, house, electronica, and afropop into a vibrant tapestry of sound. SGaWD is back with her second EP, "Tha GaWD - Side A." This one shows off her versatility and growth as an artist and as a powerful voice in international rap music.

"Tha GaWD - Side A" is a sonic exploration of empowerment, introspection, and resilience, featuring standout tracks like the anthemic "Money Prayer" and the liberating "Dump All Your Worries On The Dance Floor." Each song on the EP shows how SGaWD has developed, with her signature melodic flows and a vocal range that makes her lyrics even more powerful.

Her collaborations with artists like Moliy and work with GRAMMY-nominated producer GMK show that SGaWD has a talent for creating catchy beats and melodies that resonate globally. It's worth mentioning that the track "Juicebox," featuring Moliy, has a really cool mix of sultry vibes and captivating rhythms. It shows that SGaWD can effortlessly cross musical and cultural boundaries.

The EP shows how SGaWD has grown over the past two years, with tracks recorded in Lagos, London, and Miami. It shows her as a versatile artist ready to challenge the norms of the music industry. Her dedication to pushing boundaries and championing female empowerment in music is evident throughout her work, making "Tha GaWD - Side A" an essential listen for anyone interested in the future of Afro-fusion sounds.

As SGaWD continues to carve out her own unique space in music, her work not only captures our attention but also motivates us. Keep up to date with SGaWD on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to find out more about her musical journey and upcoming projects.

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