Skinny G Radio - "What the Fuck Have You Done?"


Join Geoffrey Lussier, aka Skinny G Radio, on a musical journey with his latest single, "What the Fuck Have You Done?" This track is a real energiser, combining the uplifting elements of dance pop and electro with a dark, tribal undertone that resonates deeply with those feeling disconnected from nature. This song is perfect for an intense workout or a revitalising walk outdoors. It taps into the collective yearning to reconnect with the environment.

Geoffrey is originally from Connecticut, and his artistic journey is as diverse as his music. Geoffrey's music draws inspiration from a range of artists, including Billy Joel and John Mayer for songwriting and Mark Ronson and Jon Bellion for production. This diverse approach has helped him create a distinctive sound that resonates with listeners. He’s worked with local vocalists and well-known artists like Kevin Osborne and Tre Frazier, and his work under the name ‘Skinny G Radio’ has attracted a lot of attention. After moving to Los Angeles and working at BandHouse Studios, he is currently at Sawtooth Music Studios putting the finishing touches on his second album, which is due for release in 2024.

"What the Fuck Have You Done?" is a great taster for his upcoming album. It shows how much he's grown as a creator and how well he can combine lyrical depth with infectious beats.

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